I did a big community mural for the Charlotte Street Block party, 2024.

It turned out great!

Lately I’ve been thinking I want more souveneirs, specifically for natural events. I regret not having a souveneir for the 2024 total eclipse, especially because it favored the dumpiest parts of the South and Midwest. But you know who else loves the Midwest… bugs. You can buy this one at Oddities Prints or on my Etsy page.

I designed this tote bag for Charlotte Street too! It’s cute!

I painted this mural for Charlotte Street’s 2022 exhibit, “Not Quite Fatal,” curated by Chelsea Smith. There was a big COVID spike that month and a few snowstorms that shut down the city, so I don’t think anyone really saw this in person. Oh well!! I used OOPS paint exclusively.

I made this spread for Yewon Kwon’s “Pallor Pink” series, Dark Legacy edition. It’s inspired by the David Macauley Castle books and Stephen Bietsy’s cross-sections; I was always looking for someone on the toilet.

Made this for the righteous 816 Bike Collective, dedicated to fixing bikes, gifting bikes, and recycling bikes. I was riffing on Fred’s design for their windows for the font.

Jacob commissioned this as the cover to an album he was going to put out for Strawberry Band but didn’t. That’s okay! It’s an honor to be asked. I was trying to recreate Rachel’s near-opacity with colored pencil but she’s the only one that can do that.

Plants are People Too! I keep thinking I should bring this one back now that plant sentience has gone mainstream.

Honestly?? This print should be in every home in America.

I made this design for Flora’s farm & CSA. Check out Bread and Roses, the best farm share in Kansas City.

I had a show in 2015 at the coffee shop where I worked, titled “If You Think This World is Bad You Should See Some of the Others” (a PKD quote.) I didn’t document anything very well.. lesson learned. I made this with highlighters and Sharpie. It’s big, maybe 6’ long, but sustained some water damage at Rachel and Erin’s and who knows where it is now.. maybe the trash? Nothing is forever.

This offer still available to friends, I love to read tarot and am happy to read yours.

This was one of two designs I made for my friend Laura Frank’s yoga studio, Inner Space Yoga. Laura is an incredible teacher and has curated a very high vibration space in midtown.